The Time Paradox

Interesting: In “The Time Paradox”, two psychologists split our views of Time into 6 categories:
– Past positive: focus is on the “good old days”, past successes, nostalgia, etc.
– Past negative: focus on regret, failure, all the things that went wrong
– Present hedonistic: living in the moment for pleasure and avoiding pain, seek novelty and sensation
– Present fatalism: life is governed by outside forces, “it doesn’t pay to plan”
– Future: focus is on learning to work rather than play
– Transcendental Future: life begins after the death of the mortal body

The theory is, that we all have little bits of each, but that we’re ruled by one or two of these generally.  They have two short surveys on – I took ‘em.  Do I believe it? Well, the jury in my mind is out; but it’s something different; and it makes its own kind of sense.

I came up as:
Past-negative: 2.70
Past-positive: 3.00
Present-fatalistic: 2.89
Present-hedonistic: 2.53
Future: 3.00
Transcendental-future Time Perspective score: 2.90

I feel more or less balanced with these; nothing overly strong, although I guess I tend to have a positive view of the past and I tend to think towards the Future a little more than anything else.  Not sure if I entirely agree with their two categories of “The present” – seems kind of limiting..  But overall, interesting just the same.

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