The thing is though, currently almost 100% of the gender pressure is in one direction:

The thing is though, currently almost 100% of the gender pressure is in one direction:

If you have a penis, you must exhibit masculine traits.
If you have a vagina, you must exhibit feminine traits.

This already causes hardship daily for many.

A couple of salmon swimming upstream in the other direction hardly makes much of an impact on society as does current society on those who can’t go upstream.


They do. But they also do anthropology and this is a valid topic for anthropology. Avery Jackson is just one out of many 9 yr olds they interviewed worldwide for this mini study.

What they have to say about gender from each of their cultures and themselves is pretty interesting and would be interesting even if there were no transgender girl on the cover.

But, as it happens in 2017, that can happen. So, it’s a little extra interesting.


Besides, girls have been tomboys forever. Nobody thinks twice about that much. A small handful of boys like to dress as girls and people think civilization is tumbling into valhala or something.


My mother’s foster brother has been her foster sister for the past 20 years. When he was Abe, he was married, had an HVAC company, lived in a conservative county in PA. Had kids, grandkids.

Somewhere in his 50s, he was getting suicidal and came out to his wife who was less than understanding at first but came to accept.

Anyway, fast forward, he’s been Alice for 20 years now, had her HVAC business burned down twice, one of his adult children won’t let her see the grandkids but the other is accepting. Had the surgery like 10 years ago I think to finalize it. Had to go through a few years of counselling so that she was certain of the decision, and she was.

So, I guess trans stuff is old hat to me.


Not gay though, just trans.



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