The thing is: Once you learn about human trafficking (sex or otherwise), you don’t see the world the same way again.

The originator of that quote likely is from a 1st world country and thinks sex trafficking is a “liberal myth” to promote immigration or something.

The thing is: Once you learn about human trafficking (sex or otherwise), you don’t see the world the same way again.

I’d chalk the originator of the quote up to naivety on his/her part.


It’s like a common myth held by naive people: “Women can’t be raped. Watch – I’ll try to rape my girlfriend.” – :: does what he thinks rape would be like and girlfriend / wife fends him off successfully :::

All you have to do is tell them, “Yeah, now smash her in the skull with a hammer before raping her”.

Shock faces as their innocence is shattered immediately follows when it clicks in.


Oh *that* is a far better example of a too common rape formula. Your example was superior. Thank you.

then again, your example *could* be abused by someone who believes rape culture is a myth by considering it merely a transaction and not rape per se.

Blurred lines aren’t really tough to navigate but there’s a lot of word gameplay that gets played there and more than a little gaslighting by the clever.


Yes, but gaslighting techniques are used by clever smooth- talking people who wish their will to be imposed upon another, often utilizing examples such as 50 shades type romance to attempt to prove that it’s romance.

My point is: you need both examples.

You won’t convince people of the reality of human trafficking if rape is solely framed in dating terms for example.


“Well meaning but ultimately deceptive” is an interesting choice of words. I don’t think of date rape (old term I know) as well meaning _because_ of its deceptive nature.


Law enforcement either goes after small things (broken window theory) or the ‘big raids’ but a lot of inbetween things gets lost along the way.

Around here, they focus on “big raids”. But for every big raid, there’s everyday sex trafficking.

For example, I once helped my brother do a disaster cleanup in West Palm Beach (taking old insulation out of an immigrant housing so they could get rebuilt after a hurricane). It was nasty hard work and we stayed at a cheap motel for two months that was surprisingly pleasant.

Lots of characters there. But two of the rooms were sex trafficking. What could you do? Just hope that nobody’s overly mistreated. But seeing a line of guys hanging around with young women only coming out occasionally to be swapped out was bizarre so I tried not to notice, although my heart went out to them.


When I learned that there were WAREHOUSES full of rape testing kids just rotting away for 10+ years, I was actually angry… and still am. No excuse for a backlog. What we get instead is versions of “she asked for it” couched in more clever terms as a smokescreen and these days, ‘male power’ has gotten more popular in culture (past six/seven years I’ve noticed the “rise of the Rights of the Male’ vs Female’ narrative getting stronger and stronger online and in popular culture… so I dunno. Seems those rape kits will be sitting in those warehouses for a long time to come along with the new ones.


Or my favorite bit of bullshit : everybody seems to know _some guy_ who was railroaded by a false rape allegation and parades it around as proof that this is what always happens implying that rapes rarely do.

What kills me the most are when it’s otherwise intelligent guys quoting statistics, absolutely willfully clueless (they don’t want to see it) to the realities of the difficulties of reporting in the first place and the effects of skewing the statistics this can have – and that’s long before getting to the level of the biases coming from the compilers of some of the statistics, often drawn from official police reports which in the often far-too-closed environments of police departments fall into that “inbetween”, not mentioned because certain cases get filed under different categories altogether so that their numbers never get counted, even *if* the person raped went through the invasive hassle often required to simply get an official ear to listen in the first place.


Ask any group of women if they have rape stories and unless they married their high school sweethearts as the only guy they’ve ever even dated, they’ll have stories to tell.

Lots of reasons why they don’t get reported and simply living around people you can see why they don’t. [just go to a public school at any point in your life and you know why they don’t]

Yet, here comes the statistics. Pisses me off because when I encounter an otherwise intelligent individual falling for a simple logic trap and running with it, they prattle on and on talking out their ass and can’t see how disconnected from reality they are.

I’m not referring to anybody here. I have in mind a very intelligent friend of mine who is super-IQ smart, knows physics and science and politics and all sorts of clever stuff, yet totally falls for the anti-SJW rhetoric and gleefully follows their every argument as if gospel truth, never stopping to question the sources of their hypothesises.



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