The teaching-to-a-mythological-“average” stuent that doesn’t exist.

Thank you for the link.  My concern isn’t so much that, but …  it’s really the whole nature of word problems.

Math is something we use EVERYDAY in real life.  It’s practical.  It’s useful.  Making it required learning, by whatever methodology, can be helpful.

But it’s fiction.  Word problems are fiction.  Why should they care about “max and ruby” and collecting bottles.  It’s stupid because it’s stupid.  There’s 10,000 other ways to show the same thing.  I hated word problems because they tried to make me care about these fictional character’s problems and.. fact is… I didn’t care about their problems.

It didn’t translate into real world for me.

TO me, they should set up economic transactions.  Kids understand that just fine.  Do plays in front of class.  Whatever.  I dunno.  School is gonna suck as long as they have statistical methodologies ruling the whole process.  Fucking bell curve.  Hate it.  The teaching-to-a-mythological-“average” stuent that doesn’t exist.

Bullshit.  It’s such an embedded ‘thing’ it’s impossible to eradicate.  Still annoys me though.

Crap. I started my rant again :P

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