THe spirit of “let’s find out” isn’t limited to Science

Actually, CJ has a point. There may be a good _justification_ for it, but – just look at priming in psychology. Better still, the lab setting itself. It’s not a criticism of Science – I believe in these methods as valuable methods for discovery.

But consider from a dispassionate point of view, one neither for nor against scientific methodologies:

Conclusions are reached in a controlled laboratory environment that may not reflect the outside world very well at all, because the real world is _not_ a controllable environment.

Therefore, the results obtained, while of value, are sometimes overstated _as if_ the laboratory is an effective substitution for the real world.

Of course, the _spirit_ of Science – the spirit of discovery and exploration – _is_ one that could just as easily be taken for experiential reasons or for curiosity or even for nefarious purposes that are entirely unrelated to science altogether.

In short, as catchy as the Meme is, it doesn’t take into account other “let’s find out”. Also, it oversimplifies “Theism” (which is a strange term I never hear from those who are practicing religious) – because knowledge-discovery has historically been a very strong part of religious communities throughout history – the typification of “THE THEIST” is rather odd… perhaps it applies to a segment, but certainly to few that I’ve personally met. In short, they strike me as a fantasy of the Meme-maker rather than reflecting an objective view of reality as it stands.


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