The soul is probably behavior.

A short discussion with myself right now.
A soul could be “core”.
- If core, would DNA count?
- Is DNA soul?
No, because soul is not that kind of core.
- if (not DNA core), then what is being reduced to essence?
- Are behaviors soul?
Possibly. Behaviors can be reduced, turned into algorithms, recreated.
- Can behaviors be simulated by the owner of the behaviors?
Faked? Yes.
- So it wouldn’t matter if it was faked by the owner or by a simulation as either can be faked.
- Is there a deeper behavior that can both have honest and dishonest behavior?
- Can that be simulated?
- So a soul the ability to lie?
- Is the soul the ability to choose between lying and honest behavior?
I don’t know. Maybe the soul is not behavior.
- if soul is a core that is not behavior and a soul is a core that is not DNA, what is it a core of?
The soul is probably behavior.

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