The slowness keeps the government stable… that’s the theory anyway.

It’s a shame but it’s true. It’s the same reason why Russia and much of China’s systems are antiquated as well. Bigness.

The USA has an additional issue though: The way we’re politically set up.

Our 50 states have a lot of powers on their own.

The whole USA thing is “Big Momma” watching over its little ones.

But the Federal part of the USA is kinda limited in what it’s allowed to do. Not impossible but there’s a constant negotiating between “States rights” and “Federal rights” and the way our system is setup is fundamentally SLOW. The slowness keeps the government stable… that’s the theory anyway.


The only time we’re a “country of ACTION” is when we’re bombing somebody else.

Internally? Slow as molasses.


The thing is, the money’s tied up in politics.

EVERYBODY wants control of the same pot of money and they fight over it.

The “Richness” is tied up in fictional real estate prices. Tied up in fictional stock values. Tied up in fictional bonds. Tied up in fictional “value” of tangible goods. Tied up in fictional “value” of services.

Free flowing money? Eh. It’s not. Slowness.


Yup. That describes the USA pretty well.

I like surprising fellow Americans by letting them know that if you make more than $34,000 (USD) a year, you’re in the top 1% of the planet.

They always get mad because they’re busy looking at the super-rich, not realizing that THEY’RE only a few stones away from the top of a VERY tall pyramid.


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