^The SIDEKICKS: So many Batmans, not^

^The SIDEKICKS: So many Batmans, not enough Robins. Being Halloween, this post is a tribute to the hard working sidekicks. Here's to you Robin, Tonto, Mr. Spock, Donkey in Shrek, Ed McMahon, Barnie Rubble, Dr. Watson (Sherlock Holmes), Aaron (Moses' brother who did all the talking 'cause Moses had a bad stutter), Sancho Panza (Don Quixote), all of Doctor Who's companions. Their loyalty is unquestionable. They often have a technical knowledge that the hero can't live without. In real life, the secretaries of the world, the ghost writers to famous authors, the coaches, tutors, teachers, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, the technicians, analysts – here's a SHOUT OUT to y'all. We are the unsung heroes. Few kids will wear your costumes or say, "I want to be this when I grow up" – but without the Sidekick, the supporting cast, the incidental music in a movie, the 2nd fiddles – there is no Hero. Cheers, sidekicks and happy Halloween as your costumes sit on store shelves. -k-udut, naples fl^

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