The secret to understanding women? Synonyms. The social game is synonyms, that’s all.

The secret to “Understanding Women” that men make such a big deal out of being “Impossible” is just learning synonym lists and memorizing them. One day, I could see the synonyms in my head and the social game became clear.

Why it took 42-8=34 – 34 YEARS (I’m 43 now) for me to be able to say KENNETH UDUT UNDERSTANDS WOMEN – I don’t know. I guess I just wasn’t paying attention to the game that much. One day, I went, “Oh, synonyms. Done.”

[Oh, the rules are simple. I could draw up tables of synonyms easily enough. I’m sure somebody has already. No empathy required.

You also don’t have to play it. I don’t like playing it, but I play it when I must

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