The secret to being happy? Can't

^The secret to being happy? Can't answer that for you.

But the secret to inner peace? Here.

When there is a difference between what you *expect* (anticipate / predudice, red) and what you *experience* (green) , you don't have peace. You have all sorts of colors, emotions, feeling, thoughts, ideas… (the mixing colors)

You even get an illusionary color that isn't real: Yellow. Most humans can't see real yellow.

But… when what you expect and what you experience are the same, there is acceptance, there is clarity, there is peace. (the white)

What the green? I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader. But I would call it, "the perspective of another". It's why friends or ideas can sometimes bring us clarity when puzzling out this.. this… we'll call it cognatie dissonance. But I'll let you call green what you like.^

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