The Secret – manifesting from thinking only works if you align beliefs with steps actions – in short, its goalsetting and taking steps.

Well, it works only in the same way that planning works. Set a goal then take the steps to achieve it.

Manifesting from pure thought doesn’t work on its own but the reason why some ppl have found success with things like The Secret is because, by focusing night and day on a single goal, they train themselves to become aware of OPPORTUNITIES they might not have seen other wise, and by staying focused on the goal, they might start doing things to help achieve it, thus “manifesting their reality”.

It’s still work. it’s still planning, but it’s not so much “on paper” but rather “behavioral changes” that you aren’t even aware you’re doing.

The “making the right choices that lead to a goal” _is_ The Secret_. I believe letting your intuition do most of the work for you, but sometimes sitting down with a pen+paper or consciously thinking about “how” can also help as well.

But pure thought alone? Only if you align your actions with your belief. In that case, it’s not really pure thought alone – it’s Thought + Action. Same as planning: Set Goal + Take Steps.

They wrap it up in an air of mystery and mystique which helps ppl believe it’s true. The belief that it’s true can, for some people, cause them to make better choices. For other’s, it can’t. As long as they’re not bilking people out of millions of dollars in books and stuff, I don’t see the harm in it mostly. It’s a more interesting way to set goals than “Getting Things Done” routine.

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