The school system neglects the future and causes future problems before they happen.

I’m glad you got some resolution of this. From what I can tell, school hasn’t fundamentally changed since the invention of the modern school system, by Horace Mann in the 1850s. Education reform, never is.

The rite of passage; I don’t see a need to institutionalize a rite of passage of feeling left out. That’s going to happen *anyway* in the natural course of friendships, alas. Schools needn’t play a role in it at all.

(social reform in schools; I could write a book on “what’s wrong/how-to-fix”… progressively/radically but practical. but then I’d have to enter politics; and I don’t like ruffling big feathers *sigh* )

You handled it perfectly Amy. My fingers are crossed that all works out well

(actually I take it back; school *does* need to play a role; in the fixing. Conflict resolution among friends can’t always be left to their own devices; parents can help of course but kids spent most of their social time (where the conflicts are) -*in school* – yet, we still hold to an antiquated notion that kids are blank slates for the writing of objective knowledge upon. But humans are *social creatures* – mirror neurons + all that; right from the first sight of mother’s face all the way through life…. and the nearly complete neglect of that within the system through which the future generation that *will* be in control of things to come, cripples the future… ok ok… I gotta stop. I feel a rant coming on )

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