The Revenge of Pumpkin by , age 6

Story from when he was 6.

the boy blew into a ziploc bag, closed it up tight, and brought it to school. But, what he didn’t know is he breathed Bad Air into the bag.


The boys at school said “Open it, open it!” They passed the bag around and started breathing the Bad Air from the bag. One by one they sucked the Bad Air out of the bag.


Suddenly, a strange shape appeared: it looked like a pumpkin, with a ghostly black fog under its bottom. Above the pumpkin was two black bats.


The boys screamed, “Woah! Cool!!!” But one boy was scared and wet himself. Another boy fainted.


The boy who breathed into the bag said “I’ve seen that before! I think that used to be Me!”


He lifted up his shirt, the school uniform they all had to wear, and he saw a pumpkin shaped hole coming out of his chest!


But it didn’t hurt. In fact, he felt good – better than he ever felt before. Right before his eyes, as the pumpkin flew around, laughing like a crazy pumpkin does, the boy realised that all the Evil was gone out of him. The Pumpkin was his Bad Side. It took up so much room in his chest, that his Good Heart could never grow big, which is why he was always such a bad boy.


His heart grew three times bigger at that moment. The hole in his chest closed up right before everybody’s eyes and he smiled brightly, because the Bad Air was gone out of him, and his heart was not only complete, but larger than it ever was before. He was now a Good Boy.


Meanwhlie, the Bad Air was on the loose, floating around the school, scaring the girls and amazing the boys.



The pumpkin ate most of the people in the school, except the 10: the boy, 8 of his friend, and their favorite teacher, Mr. Guydell.


One of the bats followed the pumpkin, the other bat followed the good boy.





the boy bought a snow cone for his best friend alex and the boy, whose name was Charlie.

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