The relationship between TOKEN and TEACH

Some words I could never quite ‘get’ completely. One of them is the word TOKEN. I mean, I know what it does. I remember Tokens at the Amusement park. I remember learning BASIC that files were saved in either ASCII that I could read, or TOKENIZED format, which I couldn’t.

So, fake money coins or the BASIC language words stored in a tiny coded format.

Why the same word? I never got the connection.

Then today, I learn that TOKEN and TEACH are _almost_ the same word.

tæcan in Old English is Teach
tacen in Old English is Token

Since COINS represent the “thing” you want to buy but they’re not the thing itself…

And SHOWING (teaching) represents the “thing” you want to convey, but SHOWING isn’t the same thing as LEARNING or UNDERSTANDING…

the relationship makes sense.

They’re both “message passing”, but in a compressed form that’s symbolic of the real thing, but isn’t -actually- the real thing but its treated “as if” its the real thing.

In short, they’re relationship words. Perhaps there needs to be a form of Teaching that’s a countable word.

One Teach = .. wait.. that’s a FACT. A fact is EVIDENCE, and evidence isn’t “the thing itself” but it leads your towards or shows or “teaches you” that something *could be true*.

Facts are coins.

The more facts you accumulate in school, the more prizes you can win at the prize booth.

In that sense, ROTE makes sense because if all you’re doing is passing FACTS back and forth like COINS… that’s all the EVIDENCE you need to show that “understanding” took place… even though UNDERSTANDING isn’t a requirement for TEACHING… only for learning… which is different from teaching.

Teaching is a method of message passing that *can* lead to learning, but there are other ways than presenting TOKENS for PRIZES.

In the world of money, you have Bartering. Direct this-for-that.

In the world of Learning, you can have Experience, which isn’t turned into TOKENS first but it is DIRECT.

BUT – experience is MESSIER than teaching (or tokenized method leading to understanding) just like bartering is a messier method for exchanging goods/services than money… which.. is messy enough.

*whew*. Ok. I *think* I got it. Still confusing though.

The use of Token in computing seems to best represent the connection to Fact in education:
“the smallest meaningful unit of information in a sequence of data for a compiler.”
A “fact” would be the smallest meaningful unit of information in a sequence of education for a student.

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