The real you is the whole #Universe – it’s is not your picture. It’s not your #role – you have a depth deeper than what anyone can see.

#KennethUdut  #burns his  #effigy [  #image / likeness ] in  #Minecraft 

The real you is the whole  #Universe - it’s is not your picture.  It’s not your  #role - you have a depth deeper than what anyone can see.

Narration by  #AlanWatts who always has perfect words for such occasions :P  [and it was fun.  13 minutes compressed into 6 seconds – lots of explosions :)  ]

Reducing your  #ego involves freeing yourself.  Yes, you are sitting there, laying there, where you are.  You take up a certain amount of space in a chair or a bed, or wherever you are.  Yes, that’s you.  But you’re more than that.

What people see of you from the outside, whether it be mean girls, or your mother or scientists probing things from the outside, doesn’t match your experience of life.  It is your experience that makes life worth living, not what you let other people see of you and certainly not what they say about you.

How you appear is as important as you choose it to be. Maybe it’s important to you, and that’s ok.  But it’s also ok to say, “it’s just a fiction, what you see.  The real me is something beyond all that.”

Maybe it isn’t.  Maybe it is.  You get to choose.  That’s the marvelous part.


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