The REAL TRUTH is: Humans are dong fine. We’ll survive and thrive and do just fine as a species. This planet is fine. Nobody wants to hear that. We like the drama.

I’ve heard so many apocalypses and none of them came true.


Humans are dong fine. We’ll survive and thrive and do just fine as a species. This planet is fine. Nobody wants to hear that. We like the drama.


I know we’ll do fine because enough people will cry the sky is falling, do something about it, and everything will stay ok for citizen me. I have other battles to fight in Science such as the publish or perish issue, having to following the fads to secure the funding, the dangers of science promoters entering the political realm considering its very strong influence over the collective psyche. [just say “Science” and people stop thinking].

I don’t worry about the planet. Enough people are worried about it for me. I recycle of course. I give a hoot and don’t pollute. But I don’t stress about it.


I was friends with some good scientists back in the early 1990s on the earlier Internet. [Usenet newsgroups]. One of them was a biologist in England.

She was having a devil of a time getting her study approved and published on squirrels. I don’t remember if it was Doctorate or post doctorate work.

She was advised to modify her paper and add at key points, especially the title, “and how it relates to the Greenhouse Effect” and several other synonyms, even though NOTHING about the two species of squirrel had ANYTHING to do with it.

First submission with revisions, approved and published. Same study.

This was around 1993.

It was the culture of the time.. .and continued to be.

I’m not saying that humans haven’t had an impact on the planet. But there’s no benefit for any scientist to go against it.

At the same time, it’s PRAGMATIC to act “AS IF” it’s true.

So, end justifies the means to me. Doesn’t mean I have to believe it. But I’m ok with them pursuing it if it helps pollution.


But, according to Google at least a few months ago, a search for President Udut showed _this_. So, as President of Earth, ,I say, “Carry on doing whatever you’re doing. Want to fight pollution? Go for it. Want to make it? Go for it. But this presidency offers no funding but the benefit is, you don’t need to submit reports from your departments if you don’t want to”.

I should see if I still show up as a fact on Google.


It’s because people like you are concerned is why I know it’ll be fixed. I don’t have to be concerned. You’re bearing the weight for me.


I can’t do anything about the power hungry ppl. But what I *can* do is let them do their thing and I take care of the world around me as best I can. I recycle. I’m a nice guy. I’m kind to animals. I don’t throw my garbage out the window. I express myself on the Internet freely.

Beyond that? I can’t worry about them. They got their own problems.


The deeper problem is: Hatred of all humanity leads to apathy + depression/anger/hopelessness.

Just have the apathy WITHOUT the depression/anger/hopelessness.

So much freedom. Worry about YOUR actions and forget about them. Much psychological health.


But everybody DOESN’T sit back. Most people are “group oriented”. They like politics. Representation. All that good stuff.

I think that’s great. Good for them. They get excited over issues. About Trump. Sanders. Clinton. They’re not my issues.

I’ve never been properly represented by ANY leader yet.

HOWEVER, there _are_ issues I fight about. I don’t have to worry about the doom-and-gloom Earth scenarios because there’s more than enough ppl worried for me.

I can focus on issues that I *can* do something about, such as individual’s psychological health and life outlook.

THAT’S something I can help do something about, and so I do, and I am.


You’re generalizing using yourself as the template for “all men”. You may find other men who agree with you, but I’m also a man and, well, your template doesn’t fit me.


Well, it’s important to think about the future. I’m just concerned about the OP because excessive concern can lead to psychological problems and someone neglecting their own progress in life because, “What’s the point because we’re all doomed anyway”?

I recognize there are problems in the world on a global scale but I have the attitude that “YES, we CAN fix it.”


It’s for my own psychological health. I CAN’T do anything about the global arena so believing that there are people who will obsess over it and do everything they can to fix it INSTEAD OF ME, allows me to take care of what I can take care of.

“Hey guys? The sky is falling and I have statistical proof” doesn’t help if you’re not in a position to hold the sky up.

I’m not in a position to hold up the sky. So, I have to trust that there’s people with large cranes that will. What else can I do? Listen to Pink Floyd and rock in a heroin stupor to numb the pain of the inevitable end of the planet which will happen in my lifetime?

Or… figure that more realistically, I’m going to die at whatever normal age I’m supposed to die at like most people do and have done for thousands of years, and will continue to for probably thousands of years more… skip the Nihlism and live my life.


You might need to expand the people you know. Altruism *is* very real. Yes, it’s misused, especially by the powerful and even by those not powerful. But on a local scale, altruism is real and even among the selfish, good things can come out of them. You can’t fix other people’s attitudes but you can do something about your own. Your own perspective is about the _only_ thing you have some control over, really.


anyway, sorry for getting preachy. I hold an almost indefensible position so I get wordy.


yeah, I think we’re actually on the same page here in the end and really, I’m fighting ultimately with myself and my own jaded idealism.

I had to accept that things are being pulled to and fro that was out of my hands and honestly, that can be very depressing. But giving up sucks and, so I fight my own tendencies to hate humanity and instead try to embrace the good things that I see. I could easily get sucked into Nihlism which is why I fight it so.


Honestly, Devon, we’re not that far off from each other’s opinions.

The only real difference I can see is I don’t care if the planet is saved or not. I trust someone’s working on it. If they’re not? They’re not. Either way, I’m still going to live and eventually die at some point.

I stopped caring quite so much but I’m not bitter about it.

Remaining bitter means you still care. You’re a jaded optimist, not a Nihlist imo yet I’m not a Nihlist either. Maybe I’m wrong – I dunno.


Same here. I mean there’s things I believe in. There’s things I do. Basic stuff. Recycle? Sure. Don’t litter? Yup. I was a Boy Scout and I believe in being a good citizen generally.

But beyond little things? I don’t stress too much. People are gonna do what people are gonna do. They’re too broken to fix. The ones that aren’t broken will keep working on stuff. And me? I dunno I’m just glad to be here. I’ll be dead someday anyway, so I might as well leave a stream of something behind me that’s not garbage but I don’t expect to save the planet either.



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