The Possibilities Are Overwhelming

The Possibilities Are Overwhelming
So, I wrote a short book today while sitting outside of the library, after my phone had died, in a 3″x5″ notepad with pen.

Amazon is processing it now and it’ll be available in a few days if passes.

Do I expect any sales?  No.  But it’s my first attempt at a real book, if small and more of a “foretaste” of a possible larger book, maybe, if I get inspired.

I wrote it at a 6th grade level (11 yrs old and up), confirmed by one of those “readability” things online and it goes through where you’re sitting right now and all of the possibilities available to you and why.overwhelm

It also also explores, in a metaphorical way, the emptiness of existence and why we avoid the inverted corners of the empty boxes and try to fill ourselves up with meaning.

I used short sentences.  Much shorter than you’re used to seeing from me.
I hope it works. All the pages are supposed to be blue with white text.  Let’s see if Amazon can handle that.


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