The politician, the Charmer and you, the Voter.

Ah yes, the Charmer.
This is exaggerated of course but not by much.
If someone says all the right things before you accept, consider what role you are accepting them into carefully because power itself can do strange things to people, even if they are earnest before they have the power.

I can earnestly promise that everything will fall into place.

I can earnestly believe that everything will fall into place.

But do I have the ability to make everything fall into place?

When somebody is selling something you can see, what are they selling along with it that you cannot see?

Can someone else see what you cannot see about what they are selling?

If I am buying a product and only look at the 4+5 star reviews, is it possible that there is critical information in the 1+2 star reviews, even if most of the 1+2 star reviews are simply people who didn’t know how to use the product properly?

Even if most of the 1+2 star reviewers were being ridiculous, nevertheless in their critical mindset, you might find some key pieces of information unavailable among those providing the 4+5 star reviews.

Data is data. Even junk data can have value if used properly and not all junk data is junk data at all. Sometimes your own data may have holes that you can’t see from your perspective, because it’s giving you the right answers.

2+2 may = 4 when the conditions are right, but promises are not mathematical, even mathematical promises, and promisers who promise are, in the end, promising.

How did their message get to you?

Could you, at present, how you are right now, be them?

Those who pay for the process to work that brings the message of the promiser to you, should, indeed, be considered too, for while your vote is important, their money gets them priority, for such is how things go, once the election goes through.

Be enthusiastic yes, but keep your head on. This holds true for every politician that ever was for all time.

Consider, too, they are entering into things AS THEY ARE and some things that are strongly embedded are not changeable, not realistically. Yet some things are. So for those two reasons alone, I suppose, pick the charmer of your choice. I do when election times come and I don’t decide until I close the curtain but otherwise, I try not to get too involved in the game.12109011_165938613753456_2665394807957834523_n


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