The PATH is made ready before the JOURNEY is made.

The PATH is made ready before the JOURNEY is made.: I figured out a link between ‘uncertainty principal” and the “all or none” law in the the brain. In quantum physics, an electron (for example) has the potential to be in a number of places, but it is “more likely” to be in some places rather than others. In the end, it does choose a path. or better still: LIGHTNING: It finds a path from A to B – but you can’t predict exactly how it will get there. Now, the brain part:

In the brain, before a neuron fires, its “likely paths” are depolarized – a SPACE is opened up for it to activate. THEN the neuron fires, choosing, as it were, a way to get where it needs to go.

An analogy, from “The Wave Watcher’s Companion” is: “This is a little like a person becoming excited, and thereby more likely to start shouting.”

Or, I think of it as the smart way to move heavy furniture: Clear out a path BEFORE you start lifting the furniture. Get the chairs out of the way, open all doors, make sure the path is wide enough. You don’t NEED all that space, but you have to make it as easy as possible to DO IT RIGHT.

This is a feature built in to nature. and I find this quiet awesome.

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