The PATH is made ready before the JOURNEY is made. Ah, this was a good “A-ha” moment. I remember it well!

The PATH is made ready before the JOURNEY is made.: I figured out a link between ‘uncertainty principal” and the “all or none” law in the the brain. In quantum physics, an electron (for example) has the potential to be in a number of places, but it is “more likely” to be in some places rather than others. In the end, it does choose a path. or better still: LIGHTNING: It finds a path from A to B – but you can’t predict exactly how it will get there. Now, the brain part:

In the brain, before a neuron fires, its “likely paths” are depolarized – a SPACE is opened up for it to activate. THEN the neuron fires, choosing, as it were, a way to get where it needs to go.

An analogy, from “The Wave Watcher’s Companion” is: “This is a little like a person becoming excited, and thereby more likely to start shouting.”

Or, I think of it as the smart way to move heavy furniture: Clear out a path BEFORE you start lifting the furniture. Get the chairs out of the way, open all doors, make sure the path is wide enough. You don’t NEED all that space, but you have to make it as easy as possible to DO IT RIGHT.

This is a feature built in to nature. and I find this quiet awesome.


The awesomeness for me is that I’ve been skeptical of the whole, ‘can’t measure an electorn’s position and direction at the same time” without disturbing it. See, the POTENTIAL paths, locations, etc are setup AHEAD of time. The fact that measuring in some way disturbs things, while cool, it’s simply one ‘particle’ bouncing off another, affecting it. BUT the fact that there is ALREADY a path for it to “make that choice from’ is cool. the path is made ready before the journey is made…


Unlock all the doors of a house where you think your guests mght need to go into. YOU DON’T KNOW ahead of time what your guests will do, so you get ready for whatever possibilities may arise. the guests choose their own paths. YET by keeping some doors locked (the paths they CAN’T go in) you have set up ACTION POTENTIAL.


Now I wonder if lightning does the same thing – sets up a ‘potential path’ (defining the area it MIGHT travel in) BEFORE the bolt strikes? I bet it does…. almost a ‘one two’ punch: first the scout goes out to see what’s ahead, clearing a path if necessary, before the team travels through


Got it: It must be like the “Advance wave’ just before a plane breaks the sound barrier – all the waves compressing in front of each other BEFORE the plane breaks through. the Action Potential iis the advance wave — but there’s no guarantee that the plane will break through… just like how the ENTIRETY of the path cleared befor the neuron firing will get used; Either a particular bit gets used, or it doesn’t (“all or none”). Man, I wish I could draw – i can picture how it works. Love capturing a new concept / a new connection i hadn’t thought of before.

Feb 14, 2012

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