the original is here: http:

the original is here:

In the original, it’s a boy that has trouble getting the right words to finish the sentence (I stuttered as a kid so I can relate) – it was cute, almost melodical to some, annoying to others – and the look of satisfaction on his face at the end when he gets the sentence out finally and leans back with a smile makes it worthwhile.

I’m posting the Dubstep remix – which has inspirational video clips thrown in while the kid repeats, ”Have you ever had a dream … you could do… anything?” I like it.

Here’s what he says, transcribed from the original:

”Have you ever had a dream sss,

that, sss,


you umm

you had,


you wih,

you could,

you do,

you wit,

you wants,


you could do so,


you do,

you could,


you want,

you wants

*Tim* to do you *so much* you can do *anything*?

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