The only exception I can see is blue blood.

The thing is, people who strain their necks looking ‘up’ and believe the people in their perceived higher social standing have a carefree lifestyle, don’t see the measures and stress those who are higher up have to go through in order to maintain it or increase it… or keep from falling from it.

The only exception I can see is blue blood. They’re generally clueless and often the subject of mockery by all except those who who believe they can achieve it.

But those who have achieved it, or know that work is required to maintain or increase it, aren’t carefree and aren’t worthy of the envy some people put upon them.


Interesting: although a lot depends upon lifestyle choices.

If you have certain living expectations, and those expectations can ONLY be met via turning yourself into a commodity, then that’s what you do.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a given but as it’s generally not presented on the menu list of “options” for lifestyle choices in first world countries, it’s a choice often unseen.



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