the not-yet-knowledge is likely far greater than the knowledge.

Oh Sam Harris, yes.  Even moreso than Dawkins (because Sam Harris is more well rounded), I have friends that seem to quote nobody else BUT Sam Harris for every point they want to make.

I’ve only heard mention of PZ Myers once – I should look up.

I doubt I’d ever be atheist myself.  I’ve had people try to pin me down with the standard 20 questions when they hear I’m agnostic, and then they either try to get me to “admit” I’m atheist or theist or some ridiculously made-up categorization chart that seems to make sense to them.

So some decide I’m a closet atheist.  Some decide I’m a closet theist.  Or a closet something else – I dunno, I don’t pay it much mind and find their little courtroom style games amusing.

I’d say above all, I’m a skeptic.  There’s things I genuinely don’t know in the world and I’d say in the percent of knowledge vs not-yet knowledge, the not-yet-knowledge is likely far greater than the knowledge.

But I’m grateful for what we’ve learned so far.

So, I’m agnostic about many many things.  For me, it’s more an a general attitude of having a few good all-purpose “bullshit detectors”, usually boiling down to various sets of heuristics I apply depending on the situation, some of which include various methodologies and others which are simpler than that and are basic rules-of-thumb.

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