The nature of Corporation in the USA needs to change. It won’t but it should.

I think the nature of “corporation” needs to change; I *think* we’re the only country in the world that sees Corporation as a legal Person. Other countries formulate their ideas of what a Corporation is quite differently and they don’t have the same level of power.

I’ve read that link before and agree. I’ve heard that notion in the past and agreed with it then too. We have several royalties here.

A look at presidential elections shows it. Same group of men fighting for the same position. They’re from the same schools, belonged to the same fraternities… etc. Corporations? Same thing.

It’s their game. I’m sure it holds true in the Senate… not sure about the House… I think there’s more variety there. The way we appoint judges rather than elect them also seemed rather odd to me too as does the electoral college. But I don’t think change can come from the top down; it’s embedded.

I also don’t think the revolution by taking over can help either. We’re too comfortable, the Internet making us moreso, just like TV did before, Radio before that. Before Radio, well it was more of a free-for-all and somewhat more brutal yet I find that somewhat appealing as well. Not much has changed since the 1860s in the USA. Just variations on the same themes. I could be plopped down in 1890 and not notice much difference.

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