The nail

Oh I agree wh you’re right; but her point is that being supportive of her while she figures out the problem herself is what’s more important to her.

She doesn’t want a quick fix; she doesn’t want a daddy to take care of the problem like fixing a broken doll.  She wants a husband who is sharing his wisdom by letting her go through the process and encouraging her along the way gently.

Sounds strange to men, but we’re raised differently than women.  Eventually, she’ll decide to take the nail out – when she’s ready.ith you.  I don’t think guys and girls are much different.  But the differences are not how your parents raised you, but how girls are trained by society a little differently than boys.   Not all girls are like the girl in the video, and not all guys are like the guy in the video.

But it’s good to know when someone expects something different from you than you think they need.  Ask: “What do they want me to do?” if you do what they want you to do, and they are happy, then you have succeeded, even if it’s not solving the problem you think needs to be solved.

It’s weird, I know.

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