The music I skipped over.

Good thing I passed by the German metal and screamo trends then. I jumped from 8-bit chiptunes and 80s metal, dabbled a little in 90s folks+new age, Gangsta rap (cop killer stuff) and dance/house/cliub, flew RIGHT PAST the white-boy late 90s Wheezer stuff (missed Tool along the way til later), skipped right over Insane Clown Posse etc and reemerged in Dubstep, EDM, chiptunes again, and remixes of 80s stuff.


I can appreciate it now. I just had a LOT of catching up to do around 2011 when I started to ‘wake up’ and found music interesting again.

So while I STILL don’t know names of group/bands (never did that all too well anyway), I’m familiar with styles, even if I can’t name them all, and I have a sense of who influenced whom somewhat.



Tripply contusions bliningly flarshmengled Zapophoringly negard, neh mash nue fleshum.

Oh! I wanted you to see this in particular.

Did this late last night, took about an hour. I FINALLY can make my computer sing anything.. and this is what I did with my new found powers….



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