the mourning period on the internet vs other traditions.

In Judaism, after the initial morning, there is a period of mourning time called shloshim which means “30”. Unless there is a death of a parent (which is a year), normal routines continue after the 30th day.

In Japan, there is a 7 week (49 day) mourning period called ” Shady branch”, related to their form of Buddhism.

In traditional Islam, while nothing is specified, 40 days is traditionally observed as a mourning period except for the widow, who has a four month, 10 day mourning period where she is prohibited from meeting with men that she could potentially marry (except in emergencies like doctors).

I know the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic 40 day traditions, as I expect everybody here does, so I won’t mention.

I’m not sure what the internet mourning period is but discerning from the appearance of memes, it appears to last the length it takes to find out about the deceased and the amount of time it takes to make a meme, which may be seconds, up to many months and years, depending on how close one felt to the deceased.


Her mother is still alive and her father had a long life so it doesn’t appear to have been genetics that weakened her heart.

Apparently, the family had decided to unplug her from life support a few days ago. Her heart weakened over the following few days, whereby it ceased beating on its own.


She appears to have identified as Jewish, although she says she was raised “Protestant light” by her mother and generally seemed to regard herself as agnostic.

However, she spoke up in the UK when theatres refused to play a short advertisement by the Church of England that featured the Lord’s Prayer before a Star Wars: The Force Awakens screening.

“I have no idea why they would do that,” she said. “Offended? No. People should get a life. I don’t think it is offensive to have a ‘power of prayer’ advert before Star Wars.”

Fisher, 59, compared the advert to the presence of a copy of Gideons Bible in a hotel bedroom.

“I have never seen an advertisement like this, but if the theatre is like a hotel room, then they have every right to put up a power of prayer advert,” she said. “It’s advertising, so it has to be advertisers that are objecting.”


Also, from what limited amount I know of her personal life, I believe she would completely approve of Father message completely, as she also spoke out frequently about mental illness and drug abuse.

Thank you for allowing me this space.



I don’t expect to get any “Likes” on my comments but I write these things as a cathartic and to broaden the view of a person’s existence, and your post provided me the inspiration and platform to do a little research to fill out my knowledge of Carrie Fisher. Again, thank you for the space here.


Similar speculation in the Daily Mall. It seems likely that drug abuse and/or sudden weight loss may have been the cause of her sudden heart attack, which weakened her heart, which, sans life support, stopped beating on its own.

Even if it is dietary issues (sudden blockage caused by healthier eating, which in the process of clearing clearing fatty deposits dislodges a chunk of arterial plague which ended up in the wrong place), her admittedly heavy drug and alcohol abuse is a known heart weakener.


True is true when it’s true. You being right about me doesn’t take away from me being right about you but you’re still right about me.


Probably not. How much can one ascertain from a few words on a screen? Not much. But as you said, I’m making a confrontational comment and just did it again. Too much time in debate forums I suspect.


If you can stand proud and tall behind your words with a clear conscience then I’m sure you did fine.



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