the more logical it is the more bullshit is within it.

Yup; ever since I was about 8 yrs old, deciphering magic tricks on TV (oh who was that guy that was everywhere? statue of liberty disappearing, etc? well whatever) – I liked figuring out how.. and then if I wasn’t sure, I’d go to the magic books in the library and learn about it.

First exposure to distraction was analyzing TV ads and the BS within; my nephew is at that age now (9) and doing just what I did; noticing and pointing out the BS and misdirection in advertising (and the misdirections in school the teachers give and on the quizzes, etc);

Understanding the nature of misdireciton is also a great reducer of fear; it’s part of having a skeptical mind; trying to understand the components of things; that every good storyteller may be telling you a kernel of truth but wraps it around a lot of good sounding lies; and that we *like* to believe really solid, logical stories… but that the more logical it is… the more likely there some bullshittary involved… you just have to find it.

Yeah; I love this kind of stuff. This is a basic one; I was quite shocked when I saw it a few minutes ago in a video on “The neuroscience of Nothing” – and about 80% of the audience; professors, students, academics, DIDN’T SEE IT … and about 20% did. Having some kind of ADHD undoubtedly, I saw it the 1st time. Can’t stay focused on a darn thing. <— check out these runon-sentences for proof

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