The monomyth is so powerful that we don’t even any other possibility.

But you see, that is the point; The hero myth applies to Jesus, to Gilgamesh, to the Illiad and the Odyssey.

The entirety of Western CIVILIZATION has been raised for thousands of years on the Monomyth.  That is what is so amazing about it.

I didn’t make it up, and Joseph Campbell wasn’t a quack by any means.

He tied them together.  We KNOW they’re similar because of him.  They’re taught as “The Story” that we learn in school, as if all stories go this way.  It’s all we typically know.

The movies we call depressing are movies that don’t follow the Hero’s Journey.

Here’s more examples of where it is used:  Did you ever hear people “tell their story” on TV?  Oprah WInfrey let’s say?

They had a normal life.  They had a struggle.  They overcame the struggle.  It changed them.

Not every story follows that pattern.  But we love it and buy it every time.

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