The mind is a process.

December 5, 2002
The mind is a process.
The mind is a process.
The mind is a process.
Osho. I like his stuff.

In fact, mind doesn’t exist – only thoughts, thoughts moving so fast that you think and feel that something exists there in continuity. One thought comes, another thought comes, another, and they gone… the gap

is so small you cannot see the interval between one thought and another. So two thoughts become joined, they become a continuity, and because of that continuity you think there is a mind.

There are thoughts- no “mind.” Just as there are electrons- no “matter.” Thought is the electron of the mind. Just like a crowd… a crowd exists in a sense, doesn’t exist in another. Only individuals exist, but many individuals together give the feeling as if they are one. A nation exists and exists not- only individuals are there. Individuals are the electrons of a nation, of a community, of a crowd.

Thought exist- mind doesn’t exist; mind is just the appearance. And when you look into the mind deeper, it disappears.

Then there are thoughts, but when the “mind” has disappeared and only individual thoughts exist, many things are immediately solved.

Thoughts are like clouds- they come and go, and you are the sky. When there is no mind, immediately the perception comes that you are no longer involved in the thoughts- thoughts are there, passing through you like clouds passing through the sky, or the wind passing through the trees. Thoughts are passing through you , and they can pass because you are a vast emptiness.

Once you start feeling that thoughts come and go, and you are the watcher, the witness, the mastery of the mind is achieved.

the mind cannot be controlled.  (people are collections of electrons, by the way)

Mind is nothing but the absence of your presence. When you sit silently, when you look deep into the mind, the mind simply disappears. Thoughts will remain, they are existential, but mind will not be found.

But when the mind is gone, then a second perception becomes possible: YOU CAN SEE THAT THOUGHTS ARE NOT YOURS. Of course they come, and sometimes they rest a little while in you, and then they go. You may be a resting place, but they don’t originate in you.

sometimes they rest in you, like a cloud resting on top of a hill. Then they will move on their own; you need not do anything. If you simply watch, control is attained.

[typewritten by me, but words originally written by Osho – I was probably copying out of a book, but they feel like were my words – which, kind of proves his point in a way]

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