The militaries you have MOST TO To thank in the advancements of science.

It’s a false dilemma. Science is the most successful branch of Philosophy, THANKS TO changes in social structure, engineering capabilities due to advances in technology and most of all to the Public Education system which brought this higher knowledges to the masses like you and me.

If anything, thank what’s called the democratization of education.

Without that, everything’s just for the elite. But by broadening the net, more minds can be captured, _capitalism_ can *fund* the sciences and technologies alike and also, you can thank: WAR.

The militaries you have MOST TO To thank in the advancements of science.

Up until the late 1940s, Science was losing funding tremendously, thanks to advancements in technology and engineering alike.

Research and Development was Development and Research.

Pure research was getting less and less valid because we believed we had it figured out.

As we always do.

But a deliberate move to put Engineering *under* Science and change it’s very definition to be “Applied Sciences” put Science on top.

Before that, it was eggheads in Universities.

Thanks to more than a little political saavy in the US Education masterminds, Science flipped to being on top.

Good thing too, because pure research was almost on its way out.

Another brilliant stroke of genius by… again, the US Education system, Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics became lumped together, JUST A FEW YEARS AGO.

Now you can freely talk “Science” and really mean math.

Or talk “Science” and really mean Technology.

Before that, they were more separate. Now they’re considered “as one” which increases their political power.

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