the meme atheists are making atheism look stupid and they can’t even see it. Funny that.

The smart ones, yeah. But there’s also the meme-atheists whose knowledge of religion goes as far as the memes take them. The upgraded level from there is memorizing the chart of fallacies. They’re often found in debate groups online and you can tell when you’ve found one when their input doesn’t go any further than memes and practicing calling people on fallacies.

The level above THAT is the ones that have a few scripts memorized that are engaged when someone says they are Agnostic, This one I know because I’ve encountered the same script quite a few times. Initially I thought, “Oh good, someone who knows their stuff”. But they didn’t. After a number of encounters with the same conversation (same from their side, I like to vary it up a bit) from different people in different places and saw their was an incapability of discussion anything outside of that, I knew I’d found the upgraded meme-atheist.

Now, I’m agnostic. But.. if *I* was atheist,  and this was something important to me, I’d do what I could to educate the meme-atheists beyond these levels, because they’ve become a blind-follower stereotype of their own and really should go beyond a few logic tricks… and definitely beyond non-fact-checked memes.

Why? ’cause they’re making 2015 atheism looking less smart than it used to look.

The worst offenders are those who quote Dawkins and other modern atheist greats regularly. Nothing against them… but when you hear the same 5 or 6 people quoted over and over again with the same exact quotes, it feels like being in a fundie bible camp, just with different bibles being quoted.

Just my two cents from an outsider’s perspective who’s been involved in many online discussions and debates through the years.

These are my own personal category names btw. I don’t know if others noticed the pattern or not. I don’t like stereotyping but I sometimes categorize just so I get a better feel for what kind of conversation lay ahead and what they’re going to say next.

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