“…The little apple tree cracked and fall to its side….”

We had several apple trees in our yard in New Jersey as a boy. A smaller one never produced much fruit. A sad pathetic little tree.

One winter it was very cold and wet. The little tree froze, icicles shining in the sun. Then, a three foot snowstorm arrived. Huge storm.

The little apple tree cracked and fall to its side.

Spring came. The snow and ice thawed.

But the tree wasn’t dead! Oh no. Still rooted to the ground, cracked in the middle, its top now on the ground, suckers started gong into the ground, its raw wound still exposed.

That year, the apple tree produced more fruit than it EVER did in its entire life! We had amazingly delicious apples for months. Gave them away to neighbors. A little 8 ft tall skinny apple tree was EXTREMELY productive.

And did the tree die? No! It lasted another winter.

The next spring it produced ANOTHER amazing load of apples.

But, towards the end of summer, something happened.

The flies came. The wound was rotten. The leaves fell for the last time.

The tree was dead.

The short lived production period was the last gasp of a dying tree who had nothing more to give and was giving it all.

When it was done, it was no more.

-Kenneth Udut

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