The kind of stuff I like to do would definitely fit me in Linux but…

You’re right – I should be on Linux.  I’m kinda wrapped up in Windows-land though, as I like to stick with what’s most common.  I know it sounds weird, but whenever I really let myself “get geeky” on something, I start to become entirely incomprehensible to others.  Windows, with all of its flaws, keeps me grounded.  Switching to Linux would put me in a club I’d probably never want to leave and all I’d start talking about is this Distro vs that Distro, getting into Ubuntu vs Debian battles that don’t make sense to 96% of the population.

But yes, you’re right. The kind of stuff I like to do would definitely fit me in Linux.  I’m just always wary of my neckbeard; so easy to go there and – well, nothing against neckbeards but I already fit the profile disturbingly close without actually stepping into it :P

But a big thanks for the encouragement… man the temptation is a huge one too, especially since Crunchbang was actually working faster than my computer ever did – as a virtual machine.  Ugh, so tempting to switch over.  I’d never leave it.

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