The kids who considered themselves “The normal ones” complaining.

I might but I’ve always been on that ‘other side’ that the anti-pc/anti-woke have been complaining about since I was 17 and I’m 51 now.

While I didn’t finish it, I went to Hampshire College in 90/91 and one of the articles that cemented for me that it was the right choice (after I’d been accepted) was this NYT article that appeared in Jun 1990 just before I went in September:

The kids who considered themselves “The normal ones” complaining.

”Sometimes it’s hard to be a heterosexual male here,” said Halstead York, who was having breakfast in the dining hall with his friends Jeri Chittick, Rebecca Drury and Elizabeth Rosenthal.

”Students are trying so hard to be open-minded they’re close-minded,” said Jeri.

”A lot of the issues I believe in,” said Rebecca. ”I consider myself a feminist, but people on campus don’t think I am.”

All sound familiar? And that was 32 years ago. I didn’t sympathize with their complaints too much, except for the “trying so hard to be open minded their closed minded” – so I tried to keep myself aware of that and tried to avoid that trap until I was doing it deliberately when needed.

So suggestions? well..

Some people on the left these days say that it’s important to distinguish between LIBERAL and LEFT. The performative stuff tends to be what the left refer to derisively as LIBERAL – as the left does not see themselves as Liberals, who they consider as being performative left but otherwise functionally identical to right, as liberal is a “center-right” and not on the left except for show.

So a liberal vs left could help.

Then there’s fake-left, the ones that are clearly paid by Putin’s folks to spread pro-Russian disinformation while pretending to be left-wing; they’re the ones that get interviewed by Tucker Carlson and such as “the left” but I don’t know anybody on the left that claims them;

For example, “the left” couldn’t be corporate anything; left-wing is antithetical to corporations but prefers things like villages, etc. All the performative stuff is “liberal”

And there’s no left-wing representation in Congress or US Politics at all; Bernie Sanders Center/Center-left at best but doesn’t leave the liberal category.

So what’s left-wing would be those parts working for civil rights but from whatever their different angles are, so there’s a lot of specialization there, although most I think just stay out of politics as much as possible. I certainly did or thought I did for a long time.

I’ve never really been in your shoes so I don’t really know.

I can just say that there’s a useful distinction between left and liberal and then within the left, there’s a big variety and they don’t always or even usually cooperate as each are working on their own things and they often butt heads.

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