The kids at the local Cerebral Palsy center find using Deskmate quite easy to master and use

“The kids at the local Cerebral Palsy center find using Deskmate quite easy to master and use”

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> My first (paying) computer job was writing financial hedging programs for
> the MODEL II.  One of the other programmers had put together a crude
> (compared to today’s LOTUS 123) spreadsheet.  I used BASIC to translate
> the hedging formulas to get a turnkey system for bank officers.
> Thinking back to that makes me laugh at the people who feel hemmed in by
> an “old” 286.  What do they say about the workman and his tools?

A fellow mordor user :->

I like your connection between those who complain about an “old” 286 and
a workman and his tools :-)

I enjoy my Tandy 1000 RLX.  To me, it’s a perfect computer system.
It’s speedy, allows me to download e-mail/news, read/reply offline,
view pictures, type letters, hold addresses [Thanks Deskmate address book!],
it’s quiet (no fan), fun [my younger friends loved it when I showed them
how to record their voices, make it backwards, learn how to say it
backwards, record words said “backwards” and reverse, and see how
close they could get to the “original” words], and it’s a nice looking
computer too!

I love the look of the Tandys – very sleek and sharp – especially the
newer Tandy 1000’s (from 1988 onwards).  They remind me of the IBM PS/2’s,
who are also very sleek looking computer systems.

Of course there are little things I wouldn’t mind having – a WorldWideWeb
browser and cutsies like that.  But they’re not necessary.  And, perhaps,
when I get more proficient writing programs for Deskmate, I may be
able to write a little comm program and WWW browser that runs under

The progress that Jeff Hayes is having in his Deskmate .GIF viewing program
is tremendous, and I find the pictures it shows are sharper and clearer
than when I use CSHOW.

The kids at the local Cerebral Palsy center find using Deskmate quite
easy to master and use – for some, it’s their first exposure to
computers and it thrilled me when one little boy who was thought never
to be able to write, managed to get an *accurate* typing speed of 5 WPM
in Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing for DM, desparately trying to control
his wavering arms and hands to hit the right keys.

The computer is helping his communicate with the outside world – and from
what the folks still working at the center tell me, he’s progressing
well, and has even written letters to relatives using Deskmate TEXT!

It’s a more handicapped-accessable program than Windows is [mice are
difficult to manuver compared to buttons on a keyboard], and it runs
on the XT’s that were donated to the center.


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