The key to ‪‎focus‬ is knowing what to ‪‎ignore‬.

The key to ‪#‎focus‬ is knowing what to ‪#‎ignore‬.

(People with ‪#‎adhd‬ (like me) – don’t have a focusing problem. We have problems ignoring things. I suspect people on the ‪#‎autism‬ spectrum have a similar problem ignoring things but respond in a MUCH different way)

Triangles help. Cut everything into triangles until you reach something manageable or have been able to ignore enough to be able to accomplish your goals.

I made this. Took 15 minutes to make the animation and 10 minutes to do the audio and make the little movie. (used Paint.NET, Windows Live Movie Maker and Audacity for the audio). Enjoy



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