. [the “invisible to binary -1″ was the imaginary -1 ]

Digging deeper under surface of the paper, using mathematical morphology as my guide, I now “get” how it works with:
1D Real Numbers.
and my little video yesterday turned out to be about:
2D Complex Numbers
which I didn’t realize when I made it but now I do. [the “invisible to binary -1″ was the imaginary -1 ]
So, knowing that, I’m going to skip ahead to something harder:
4D Quaterions
Via: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/265471057_Multivariate_mathematical_morphology_based_on_fuzzy_extremum_estimation
and try to puzzle it out which will make my returning to trying to grasp imaginary number representation in binary 2D and its limitations and implications much easier.
D9CpxWgXsAARPe4.png large


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