the internet never gets old to me

I find having a continual presence online has kept me perpetually young.  I was lucky enough to be there when I was but I’m more grateful to be here, now.  I think it’s why I love internet Memes and anything new that comes along.  It never gets old to me.  And yet, having a deep background allows me to see the fundamental “who the heck really knows what they’re talking about anyway?” underneath it all, while still being able to thoroughly enjoy every encounter with another online.

Better still, I’ve been able to pass this on newer “netizens” (remember that word? where’d it go? :P ) – this idea of, “Look, someone’s bullying you online?  Delete their comment.  Block them.  Yes, you can do that.  It’s your youtube channel/g+ acct/fb/vine acct/whatever.  Friendship online is as real as real life and can also be fake, just like real life.  It’s all BS, including you and me and that’s ok and it’s all true too.  Give 100% of yourself here because THIS is the place you can do the things you can’t do in your “3D life”. etc etc.  ” i could write a book but probably won’t.

etc etc.  Those kinds of lessons I got to learn through experience, I can (and have) passed on; and others get to progress even further than I and they do.

So I never feel old.  I feel lucky!

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