the internet connecting you to ppl who get you if you’re lucky to find them

:’-D  I’m honored to be shared on your stream like this; there’s intelligent, kind, interesting people out here in the world and yet, we’re so often trapped in our communities, just due to a happenstance of our birth or migrations.. or when we are born.  But that’s one of the things I love and always loved about the internet; the ability to find the people you wish you could have gone to school with, or lived next door to… somehow.

I’ve been online since 1988; found Internet to be way better than ‘real life” in that regard.  [for me, it was CB Radio before that… and before I discovered CB… I stayed behind my hook-up-to-the-TV computer and video games and socialized only when I had to… and before that… well, I did whatever family did.

So for me, a world outside of family and school and books was extremely liberating… and I quickly made worldwide friends.  I find the G+ encapsulates my early experiences with BBS’s, PC-Link and early Internet mailing lists better than other services like Facebook, or Myspace before it, etc.  Closer to Usenet,, just without the spamminess.

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