the grown-ups of her gene…

Thanks John! That’s a fantastic answer. For myself, I don’t know which way to think. I tend to agree with you that today’s video games are too realistic and violent – that it can lead them to being unable to cope with the Real World because they get sucked into the fantasy of it that they have trouble forming relationships with people. Younger kids act out what they see. too much fantasy viole…nce could lead to real violence later on. BUT: That being said, I also think that acting out fantasy violence is okay in a SAFE environment (among family/friends who can keep an eye on things) like sword fighting, martial arts, sports (yes, sports is fantasy War), toy guns. I don’t really think there’s one right answer to the question – that’s why it’s a controversial topic. When mom was a kid, she was into comic books. Well, the grown-ups of her gene… “

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