the greatest fight is the one nobody sees.

My focus tends to be on managing the moment.
Self control. Maintaining self-stability. Being unflappable as it were.

I have about 7000 followers on vine and I make these silly little videos. About 1/3 or more of my followers are kids, 8-17, the rest of adult age. So, it forces me to keep my little 6 second videos clean and gives me an excuse to exert my clown side… but it *also* affords me the opportunity to teach.

And teach I do.

What do I teach? Revolution? Yes. But it’s self-revolution.

Find the freedom from where you are at.

There’s always a freedom to be found. You don’t need to topple over governments or burn down schools. But you don’t have to make everybody happy. You don’t even have to make YOURSELF happy. You can have a purpose in life, but also, it’s ok to have no purpose at all, or to have multiple purposes.

If you want to make everybody happy, go ahead. If you want to change your mind, be inconsistent, be a hypocrite, then by all means.

I don’t want to control society. I don’t even want to be a role model. But I do believe that the greatest fight is the one nobody sees.

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