The Germanwings murderer – my thoughts.

It’s a tough call. How far in the future are therapists responsible for disclosure? It seems most of his treatments were from a long time ago and, well, he never disclosed them.

Yet, it seems to me that any position where there is a great responsibility placed on clear thinking, there should be some “closed records cracking open” that’s required. I’d get permission of the pilot student, and once that permission was in place, then there should be a process of discovery.

In other words, his records would happily stay sealed, except in certain cases, such as pilots, or train drivers, or bus drivers, and the like, at the level of commercial travel.

This would require law changes and shouldn’t have to be the responsibility of the individual therapist or an individual company. The secrecy laws are in place to protect the individual and give them a chance to have a future; bouts of depression or suicidal thoughts when you’re young shouldn’t automatically prevent you from having a future.

Yet… I think disclosure should be required. A “two pilot” rule required. Most airlines have a required 2-pilots-always rule… this airline did not.

Hindsight *is* 20/20 and when it comes down to it, the guy is, sadly a murderer. Why did he chose at that moment to make that decision to do what he did and carry it through?

Well, he made a decision.

All the disclosure in the world won’t prevent every tragedy because: He made a bad choice. We can all make a bad choice.

But even if not perfect, I think systems and processes should be put into place at the levels of government regulation, and internally bolstered within the airlines themselves. Regarding the psychology/therapist fields – They should retain most of the privacy laws in place regarding patient confidentiality but extend disclosure requirements to certain professions that can potentially risk the lives of large amounts of people.

I’d put the process IN PLACE that allows a line of communication between therapist and future occupation. As of right now, it doesn’t seem the therapist has much of a choice, without risking their career. Such a heavy burden shouldn’t be placed on the individual therapist/counsellor – when the whole government and corporate and legal structure doesn’t support a whistleblowing decision..

The support should be in place. I don’t blame the therapists at all. They did what they could within the realms within which they had control. Who could have predicted his intent successfully? At present, no one.

He chose.

People died.

He murdered people.

And it’s really really crappy for those left behind.

I just hope procedures are put in place to make open communication easier, while allowing most of the confidentiality to remain for the majority of situations. And if they improve the communication, I don’t think that suicidal ideation would necessarily be a ‘deal breaker’ for pilots; I mean, there’s HUMANS up there flying. Too much trust in a single human is not a good idea. He could have had his underpants on backwards that morning, so to speak. Nobody else was there to take the stick from him to regain control.

I could be wrong about all of that. I’m just glad I’m way over here in Florida, and not one of the families left behind, nor _anybody_ who is involved in sorting out this mess. It can’t be easy.

I’m lucky. I just have to read the news/see a post on facebook and express an opinion. My responsibility ends there.

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