The floor below me was the les

The floor below me was the lesbians only floor

The bathroom on our floor was communal including the showers

it was like brothers and sisters

two of my friends were otherkin – elfenkind – cute couple – boy and a girl with long blonde hair and they were the same height and even moved the same and they just randomly met each other at college

I would criticize the activists with a joke that I made up and used way too much

“what if the intolerant people were tolerating the tolerant people making them the true tolerant people against the intolerant tolerant people who didn’t tolerate the intolerant?”

I was an 18 year old smart ass

but I believed and still believe in all those values

The only one didn’t much like and I found out what was wrong with it later was multiculturalism, which tended to be the “great white hope” saving the poor little Brown, who were only allowed to show their best of class in culture

I loved diversity and still do but it was clear even at 18 that they were only allowed to show their best sides and not be authentic, closer to a “small world after all” view

wonder shozen had a great clip

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