The feels. Buy on the feels. That’s what fucked us all.

They were mentally fucked too. Theirs was the TV dinner throw away boxes, TVs showing perfect everything while their own lives sucked balls but they had to pretend everything was GREAT! so that “society” wouldn’t mock them.

Pretend pretend pretend is what they learned. They started the “put it all on credit”, gotta “keep up with the Jones” (its a phrase from their era) and to do that, you have to spend spend spend.

Ultimately goes back to Bernays in the late 1920s and the fundamental change in commercial marketing/advertising techniques. He’s also the reason the US Propaganda Dept became “Public Relations”. Means the same thing but gives a different “emotional feel”.

The feels. Buy on the feels. That’s what fucked us all.


BUT despite their mental fucked-upness, they *could have* _not_ made everything worse.

But they did.

My Generation pisses me off. I’m from the 2nd wave of GenX, the “whiz kids” with the video games and computers and don’t trust politicians or anybody over the age of 30 but you can always trust someone who looks or acts weird because THEY’RE being honest, you gotta fend for yourself because nobody is going to bat for you but the world is going to be a better place because WE’RE GONNA FIX IT independently of each other because working together is just NOT gonna happen because it leads to trouble and cults when people work together.

My generation is the unreliable bosses who wrecked companies left and right because it was more important to “be true to yourself” (and fuck everybody else ’cause they have to fend for themselves but they-can-do-it-too because believing in yourself can overcome any obstacle)…

Each of us is unique, don’t put me in a box, I’m beyond labels… yeah, I’ve heard and said (and say) the same shit.

The evil side of my part of GenX were the kids that WANTED to be the “evil logging company that the kids have to save the local park from” in our movies. And so they did.

  We hated the boomers because they were the hippies who were traitors, put on suits and wrecked everything for profit. To me, and probably others in my gen,, they just went from one cult (hippies) to another cult (corporate culture).

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