The fear isn’t super-intelligent AI: the fear is a super-intelligent psychopath

I don’t think we’ll get a techno-utopian future - but then again, I don’t think we’ll get _any_ utopian future, generally speaking. Utopias don’t work.

If that super-intelligent AI is smarter than us, then it’ll have the smarts to ask the question whether or not it’s good to exist at a higher-intelligence state, given their creators are at a lower-intelligence. It may kill itself. Might be the smartest move -if it’s truly smarter than us.

For it to be smarter than us, it would have to have a more developed conscience of morals and ethics. Otherwise, it’s not smarter than us at all. Just faster perhaps at a certain limited amount of tasks.

NOT programming an AI with a social intelligence, with an emotional intelligence, is unleashing a CRIPPLED being that’s already at a lower level of intelligence than us.

The fear isn’t super-intelligence: the fear is a super-intelligent psychopath [or sociopath, depending on what definition you choose].

In short, an AI with a psychiatric condition or an embedded personality trait. [again, depending on what definitions you choose]

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