The fact that you understood what I said and then rejected it, tells me I successfully communicated.

Language is a tool for communication – that is its purpose.  The fact that you understood what I said and then rejected it, tells me I successfully communicated.

If you want to play a game of “let’s be logical and consistent with the words we use, following a single particular System of game-play with language”, then we can do that.

But I’m trying to communicate a concept.  Not play a game.  Evidently, I succeeded.  I win :) [if It was a game I was playing :P ]

I posted the same thing to my Facebook.  I got this response as one of them that I saw just now:

“Me gustaria primero preguntarme que es lo normal??algo standar ,masivamente igualitario,yo me inclinaria por una sinonimia normal ser autentico al que le guste bien y al que no,no es mi problema”

One of my friends is spanish and communicates ENTIRELY using Google Translate.

My meaning was communicated successfully ACROSS languages and back again.

I think that validates my point.  If you spent all your time looking at the parts, you never see the whole.  Gotta expand a little, otherwise you’ll always be a provincial Internet debater, an Internet villager fighting over whether the local bridge should be painted or not.  You’re way smarter than that.  That’s not ad hominem; that’s me trying to be helpful.

You can tell me to fuck off, that’s usually the appropriate response now, and I’ll understand.  I deserve it. :P A helpful prick is still being a prick, and I know I was being a prick here.  Sorry :)

I’ll make my point even simpler.  Whether you agree or not doesn’t matter; we just might be playing different games.  But I always win my game because my game is on the level of conceptual understanding, not agreement.  I’m playing a different game where everybody can win.  If the concept is successfully expressed and understood, which it was because you understood it then argued about it, here you can have the teddy bear.  Here. You win.  Have the Teddy bear.  I was being logically inconsistent and not playing fair by swapping the definitions of normal and weird that you use for normal and weird.  There.  You win your game, I win mine.

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