The extreme power of metaphor and analogies and the dangerous and wonders of applying them correctly and incorrectly.

Thank you for taking the time/thought to understand where I’m coming from.

I’m not looking to _eliminate_ the current and helpful distinctions between similar concepts. It’s helpful to have terms. Within the different Sciences and within Engineering, there are different terms for analogous concepts. And it’s _very important_ for the distinctions to be there, because while they’re analogous, they’re ALSO different.

You can take an analogy too far. Metaphors / analogies- they have their limitations. Some of them can lead to dangerous ideas, even within theoretical physics : [this is an excellent read from a physics professor warning other professors to BE CAREFUL with analogies, otherwise people will start believing The Universe is Math….. which it’s not…

[I’m making the assumption you know the Universe isn’t Math tongue emoticon There’s a guy making big $$$ writing books convincing ppl it is… actually a few of them. It’s a case of an metaphorical/analogous connection gone too far].

Anyway… all that being said, the power of metaphor goes both ways. While it can be dangerous and mislead people:…/milreview/paparone_metaphors.pdf – a nice 10 page pdf written by an air force professor on how Metaphors are used to lead and mislead people, in politics, military, science,, pretty much everywhere you go]… it can *also* help us with sensemaking, *if* applied correctly and with the knowledge that YES THIS IS A METAPHOR HERE.

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