The experience is the only non-abstract form of death.

Is it possible you’ve only reconciled death abstractly?

Abstraction is mostly how I think I do things. A weird combination of metaphor and literal. Two extremes I think.

The experience of death isn’t something one can ever deal with because you don’t know when it’s coming. You can THINK you’re dying – even then, death is an abstraction – a fear based upon whatever images/ideas come from the past to bear on the present.

But that’s not death. That’s fear.

We won’t know actual death until we’ve died.

Until then, it’s an abstraction. I’m abstracting with a – for my life and ???? for death. Someone else might abstract imagining how death might feel: The movies are great abstractions for dealing with death because we can die hundreds of times until we’re no longer afraid of death.

Well, we think we’re not afraid of death.

Someone else might abstract death by studying about it. Learning about it. It’s still an abstraction.

The experience is the only non-abstract form of death.

We only get to do that one, once.

So, I pick the abstraction that works for me and puts the abstraction of death that I’m currently comfortable with, which is the ????.

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