The expectation of standardization wrecked our perspectives.

How much an illusion is it? These “illusions” can be causes which have real-time effects.

We have standard clocks that go tick-tock according to the systems we set up to do so.

It’s nice and helpful of course But they’re fighting an illusion:

They’re trying to SYNCHRONIZE Time itself, which -cannot- be synchronized.

The synchronization of time _is_ the illusion. The subjectivity of time is the reality. We’ve been trained backwards in this… likely why so many people have trouble with Einstein’s relativity stuff. The expectation of standardization wrecked our perspectives.


Time matters but all the clocks are wrong as universals… and right for themselves.


Indeed. It doesn’t take me 35 years to go back 35 years.



They’re useful but except for a few types of logic, they don’t have a time component to them.


Thanks Anthony – I don’t know what’s coming out of my fingers until I type it. Never know if I make a damn bit of sense but I like the sensation of the keys moving under my fingers, so, that’s good enough.



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